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Adapting Practice and Seeking Support

A short monthly survey was distributed by provincial professional physiotherapy  associations and divisions, social media, and personal networks. Each cycle included respondents from all provinces and one territory. The surveys were conducted by the BC Primary Health Care Research Network and led by Allison Ezzat, JF Esculier, and Sabrina Wong. This is the second of two infographics, with the first focused on Cycles 1-4 (May and June 2020).

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Centralized Waiting Lists Infographic

The PIHCIN Communications Committee created its first infographic of a PIHCIN funded grant concerning the impact of our Centralized Waiting List project. Please refer to this infographic for more information and we hope it can serve as template for other PIHCI networks to use for other projects.

Diabetes Action Canada

Visit Diabetes Action Canada’s website to learn about this patient engagement activities and resources. The Do’s & Don’ts document has been developed with the patient in mind, and seeks to optimize communications between researchers, clinicians and patients.

Patient Priority Setting in Primary Healthcare

The BC Primary Health Care Research Network and their patient partners provide a very useful priority-setting framework for engaging with patients with the intent of establishing research priorities in primary care in this journal article.

Providing Physiotherapy in a Pandemic

Supporting physiotherapists in all practice settings, now and in the future, is a key focus of the advocacy work of the CPA. Research efforts aimed at identifying short-term impacts and trends over time are of vital importance in advocating for, and responding to. the changing needs of the profession. This survey offered a rapid collection of data from physiotherapists across the country, highlighting experiences and implications during COVID-19. This work is invaluable to informing key policy recommendations and directions and will assist the CPA in gaining a better understanding of the strain and impacts the pandemic has had on physiotherapists over time. View the infographic here.

Quick Canadian Covid-19 Survey Infographic

Strengthening primary care in Canada, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is critical. From April to October 2020, the SPOR PIHCI, in partnership with the U.S. based Larry A. Green Centre, administerd 13 cycles of a cross-sectional pan-Canadian survey to better understand the response of primary care practices to COVID-19. An infographic visualizes the key results of Cycles 1-9.