Patient engagement resources

BRIC NS patient partner orientation guide series

This guide was co-developed by patient partners, staff at BRIC NS, IWK Health Centre, and the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit. It gives background information about research and patient partner engagement and describes some ways that patients, caregivers, and members of the public can get involved in research.

The Primary Health Care Patient Engagement Resource Centre promotes and supports the meaningful and appropriate engagement of patients (meaning people with lived experience of a health issue, their families, friends and caregivers) in primary health care research in Ontario. The materials on their website provide information, resources and methods support to foster partnerships between researchers and patients to conduct research that addresses patients’ needs, preferences and priorities for their health and health care.

Guide patient-citoyen partenaire en recherche

A guide produced by the Quebec SUPPORT Unit that mirrors the one BRIC NS developed, but in French.