Latest evidence

Centralized Waiting Lists Infographic

The PIHCIN Communications Committee created its first infographic of a PIHCIN funded grant concerning the impact of our Centralized Waiting List project. Please refer to this infographic for more information and we hope it can serve as template for other PIHCI networks to use for other projects.

Patient Priority Setting in Primary Healthcare

The BC-PHCRN and their patient partners provide a very useful priority-setting framework for engaging with patients with the intent of establishing research priorities in primary care in this journal article.

Quick COVID-19 Primary Care Survey

Strengthening primary care in Canada, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic is critical. In early April, the SPOR PIHCI, in partnership with the U.S. based Larry A. Green Centre, launched a weekly cross-sectional pan-Canadian survey to better understand the response and capacity of Canadian primary care practices to COVID-19, as well as the potential impact of the pandemic on primary care. This same survey was also launched in Australia and New Zealand and provided similar results.